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I'm Dr. Julia - a holistic dentist and parent advocate.

My goal is to empower you to optimize your child's oral and overall health.

I'll support you in confidently selecting a treatment path and assembling an airway health care team that feels aligned for your family.

About Oris Wellness

In modern society, we are seeing many trends due to evolutionary changes that are not to our advantage. Dentists are on the frontlines to identify growth and development anomalies (symptomatic of airway dysfunction or muscular imbalances) which put our kids at higher risk for disease. Sometimes, intervention is needed urgently: to help a child who is suffering to be able to sleep through the night, to support successful feeding patterns or to reduce problematic behaviors. Other times, it is important to interfere to minimize risks of illnesses like cardiovascular disease, reflux, fatigue, head or neck pain, damage to teeth, ADHD or other conditions prior to the onset of severe or worsening symptoms. These problems become more complex and costly to correct into adulthood. Few other specialists see these warning signs in children, when it is still early enough to make changes to both how they function as well as to their anatomical growth trajectory. With a more proactive approach to health, there is always some form of action or treatment that can be taken now to improve or prevent illness. I want to help you identify where to begin for your own little ones and to support your family on the path to wellness.


Did you know that Obicularis Oris is the name of the muscle that encircles the mouth? 

One-on-One Online Access

Connect online from the convenience of your home on your own schedule. Let me help you assess your child's health and decide what first steps you can take for your individual situation.

Resources & Education

Empower yourself to better understand the problems your family is facing. Curated resources will save you time and build your confidence when making decisions for your child.

Identify Informed Providers in your Area

Poor breathing, feeding or growth patterns can be treated early so that your kids can achieve optimal health as early as possible. Not all healthcare providers are knowledgeable about the intersection of oral health and overall health. I will help you find a qualified team you can trust to care for your little ones.


Receive guidance and advice from a neutral third-party regarding the treatment process. You don't have to navigate this alone.