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I'm Dr. Julia - a holistic dentist and parent advocate.

My goal is to empower you to optimize your child's oral and overall health.

I'll support you in confidently selecting a treatment path and assembling an airway health care team that feels aligned for your family.

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Most services are offered virtually worldwide unless the menu indicates that it pertains to Portugal only.

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20-Minute Free Call

This is a Zoom call to see if we would be a good fit to work together, and if so, to see if I can guide you toward the right service or product to best match your needs. Alternatively, you may choose instead to send me an email inquiry to julia@oriswellness.com

Services for Parents

Concierge Consulting

As a parent, knowing who to trust and making decisions for your child can feel like a big responsibility. 

You might recognize that there is a problem, but you are looking for more support and more information from a neutral 3rd party. You came to the right place. This is the option for you if you just need somebody to hear your concerns, offer professional expertise, or guide your decision making.

Topics may include:

This consultation is available for parents of infants and young children (upper age limit of 12-13 years of age). It is for educational purposes only - no diagnosis will be made. 

Virtual Course: 

The Airway Dentistry Parent P.L.A.N. is finally available!

This is an online course to lay an educational foundation for you if you are just getting started exploring these topics. It will also give you an opportunity to get some of the systems and advice I give during my one-on-one sessions, so that you can "DIY" the creation of your own action plan. 

Check out the course website (click the link) to see if this offering is the kind of help that you've been waiting for!

Plus, there is a Grand Opening Bonus Bundle offer going on now. When you order before June 1st, you will be eligible for 50% off a 1:1 consulting hour (that is $70 in savings)!

Comprehensive Package


Awareness and Community

Educator Outreach

It is part of my personal mission to provide outreach efforts to primary school educators about the importance of a more holistic approach to dental health for our youngest patients. You are on the frontline of identifying children at risk of airway dysfunction, and I want you to feel empowered to talk to parents about their child’s health if you suspect their health could be compromised. Email me at julia@oriswellness.com to discuss Zoom calls or “Lunch and Learn” options for you and your colleagues.

Portugal Quarterly AAPMD Liaison Study Club

Once per quarter, I host an online call with like-minded providers to discuss cases, airway health news, upcoming events or other topics. The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry welcomes providers from a variety of professions and encourages collaborative care. Learn more about the AAPMD here. Enrollment to become a Study Club member is free, and there is no obligation to attend each meeting. When you subscribe, you’ll be informed of the contents and programming for any upcoming calls. You can sign up here, or connect with me to find out more information. I hope that you’ll consider joining! 

Pediatrician & Providers' Alliance Program

If you are a pediatrician or any other type of allied medical professional, I want to let you know about my Alliance Support Program. This is for the busy healthcare provider who appreciates the link between oral and overall health. Together, we can make sure your patients get all the support they need. Send me an email to julia@oriswellness.com with an inquiry about this program. I look forward to connecting with you.